Summer Squad Collection

Squad (n): A small number of soldiers, commonly 10 privates, a staff sergeant, and a corporal; the smallest military unit.

Okay, so we aren't exactly a military unit but we work *almost* as hard as soldiers. Being a small business, hard work is basically the order of the day, everyday. We love what we do for our customers, so you won't here any complaining from this side.

This summer, the blogs have really started to gain momentum. The blogs have covered everything from the unveiling of the New Apple Watch, to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, to the events and festivals we have been working. Flash sales and Instagram campaigns have been featured as well as the FARE luncheon we attended.


Typing our fingers to the bone (not really) and editing Instagram posts have paid off! Sandy recently ordered a small batch of Swarovski crystals and set to work finding designs that best complimented the crystal and each of the different personalities of our summer helpers! The Tracey, Laura and Jenny patterns came to life and took the world by storm. Well not the whole world but a girl can dream, right?

The boss - Sandy, not Springsteen - knows us so well, so assigning a bracelet for each of us was a piece of cake. Tracey's purple and white dots and sunbursts describe her energetic and zealous personality to a tee. Laura's calm green swirls and simple blue flower can be attributed to her quiet yet hilarious demeanor. The Jenny's cool blue designs and white flower represent my carefree and casual way of life.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Summer Squad Collection Bracelet! Unfortunately they are sold out, but don't worry! Our Fall Collections will be arriving shortly!!!

FARE Spring Luncheon

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) is an organization that works to improve the quality of life for those afflicted with food allergies. Every year, the organization raises money through an awareness walk, and last year the walk raised about $3 million. They also push to provide life-saving allergy devices in schools to make relief easier and less expensive for students with allergies.

She Beads has been working with FARE for over six years, and we have even produced several custom clay designs for the organization. The designs show the top nine allergens that affect kids everyday. She Beads loves to help out with such a positive organization geared towards helping those with allergies, as well as their families.

At the luncheon, the Keynote speaker Carla Hall elaborated on her philosophy to always "cook with love" that is present in all her cooking, as well as her past participation in popular cooking shows like Top Chef. Carla strongly believes that food and cooking are reflections of a person's mood, "If you're not in a good mood, the only thing you should make is a reservation." Carla is currently a co-host on a daytime lifestyle show called The Chew. Her colleagues on the show are a range of people including famous restaurant owners, health and wellness experts, and an entertainment specialist. Her accomplishments do not stop there as she is a successful author of cooking books that focus on worldwide cuisine and comfort foods.

She Beads and Carla Hall have definite similarities. For instance, Carla is interested in having personality shine through in her cooking and philosophies she shares, and so is She Beads. We are a company dedicated to making the best product we can for our customers, and letting individuality shine through is just one of the benefits that come from handmade products. Our love of what we do defintiely shines through in the quality of our product, a thought that aligns perfectly with Carla's philosophy to "cook with love".

'That Bites' was a documentary featured at the luncheon, and was created by 13-year-old Jack Yonover of Wilmette. He talked of how at first, he underestimated the impact an allergy would have on his life, but also how he became stronger in spite of having a severe allergy. See this link for an article from the Chicago Tribune which expands on his fight to bring awareness of allergies to light.

Not too informed about food allergies? Here are some need-to-know facts!

  • One in thirteen children have a food allergy which translates to almost two in every classroom
  • Almost 40% of children with food allergies have already experienced a life threatening reaction
  • Every three minutes, a child is sent to the emergency room as a result of a severe reaction
  • U.S. families pay roughly $25 billion every year to care for a child with a severe allergy

How to get involved with FARE:

  • The FARE Walk for Food Allergy will be held on October 4th in Chicago's Lincoln Park! Make a team with family, friends, or even coworkers and sign up!
  • Join the FARE Advocacy Network to make your voice heard about allergies and how to either cope with having one or supporting someone who does (
  • FARE offers amazing personalized campaigns and fundraisers for several events


Mother's Day Guide

She Beads' Best Gifts for Mom

If we could only buy our Mothers a gift to thank them for all that they do, still do, have done, and will do for us. WE LOVE MOMS! Half the time we forget all the wonderful/gross things that they have done for us... dirty diapers anyone? And how about all those life lessons that we've tried to get right... even today. So, consider this list a small guide to thanking Mom for all those lunches she packed. 


So, let's begin. Where can you always find mom?

In the garden:

Shop all the new Mother's Day flower-power designs

At the Blackhawks game:

In her new meditation room:


Running errands:


At the next fundraiser:


With her girlfriends:

Hmmm... She's quite one-of-a-kind: 

           Shop all One-of-a-Kind items

Joining forces with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

In March this year, I had the pleasure to attend the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Earlier in the year we entered in a working agreement, in which She Beads & He Beads Company will create Ovarian Awareness products through our Charity Bead work. So Step 1, go to Las Vegas and meet the faces behind this cutting-edge foundation and introduce them to our Ovarian Awareness bracelet (see bracelet picture below).

Step 2. Spend 3 days interacting with survivors, patients, doctors, NOCC staff,  family and friends of their dear loved ones who either are/were dealing with Ovarian cancer. Within the first few hours of the opening night gathering, I was taken back by the amount of positive energy, smiles, strength, just overall love in the room. I have worked in the charitable fundraising aspect of our company for some time, but this organization was different...much different. Everyone in the room knew one another, and they all took me under their wing introducing me to every face. Sharing stories both past/present, learning the in's and out's of Ovarian Cancer, sharing the story of She Beads and our role with the NOCC, it was a wonderful experience shared by all. It was sad to say goodbye. But I have a job to do, and I needed to get back to Chicago to start cultivating our role for the NOCC.

Step 3. Well this is not a completed step. I have been working with our staff and our charity coordinator, Tracey, to get these bracelets in the hands of every chapter leader for their networking events, run/walks, luncheons, name it. We can do it. Why would we not?

So this post will unfortunately stop here, but the work will not. I am not sure what the next step will bring, but it will bring hard work, determination for a better tomorrow. 50% of every Ovarian Cancer bracelet is donated right back to the NOCC.  O YEAH, I almost forgot. Here are the two current bracelets that we are featuring (with more to come). Click here for a better view of the bracelets:


Shall you want to learn more about the steps that the NOCC and Dave Barley (CEO of NOCC) are doing for Ovarian Cancer, please check them out at here. We will be with them every step of the way.



Until next time, 


Andrew Rueve

March 26, 2014


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Dancing with Chicago Celebrities – Breast Cancer Fundraiser Event

In March, She Beads was involved in a wonderful event downtown Chicago, the Dancing with Chicago Celebrities ‘One in a Million’ Campaign to support Breast Cancer, hosted by Arthur Murray. We were invited thanks to Dina Bair, a She Beads customer who is the founding member of the One in a Million campaign. She is also an Emmy-winner journalist and current anchor on WGN Midday News. The event was impressive: Chicago celebrities out in style, Professional dancers showcasing dances throughout 100 years of movie magic and the stage set in traditional ballroom style with the glamorous feel of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ complete with Judges and audience participation (yes, we got to dance too!). This year’s winners included:

Cortney Hall (WGN Morning News) – the Celebrity Champion
Dan Proft (WLS – AM Radio) – Celebrity MVP (raised the most money of the celebrities)
Drew Nieman (U.S. Equities) – Corporate Challenge Champion
Maggie Zellers (Deloitte Tax LLP) – Corporate Challenge MVP (raised the most money of the corporate sponsors)



Check out Drew’s photos . Do you see his wrist? He is wearing one of our Breast Cancer Charity Bracelets!



The event also included a silent auction, live auction and of course … She Beads!


If you would like more information about the organization or information on next year’s GALA event, go onto the attached website:


This truly impressive event raised over $100,000 for Breast Cancer research, including our She Beads contribution for all the charity beads sold (remember – 50% of every charity bead sale goes back to the Charity). We have added a small collection of photos of the event for your enjoyment!


If you would like to purchase a Breast Cancer Charity Bracelet – go to our Charity section. And, if you would like more information about getting She Beads involved with your charity/organization, please contact me, Tracey. I would love to help support your cause.


Enjoy the photos!



Charity Director: Beads for Charity

Tracey Beagarie, Charity Director

We are pleased to announce that we have a new staff member who has joined She Beads. Tracey Beagarie has joined our team this past week as Charity Director. Tracey comes from a non-profit marketing background having worked with St. Jude League, and she also has a background in competitive dance and instruction. What a catch! Managing everything charity ribbons and cha-cha, she will be the point of contact for all charity events, charity partnerships, and of course custom bead jewelry designs for Charities. As many of you know, we have been dedicated to our philanthropic efforts for the past 20 years, and we feel that Tracey will help us to continue and grow the success of our Charity Beads™. Please join us in welcoming Tracey to She Beads!


Please direct all Charity Beads inquiries to Tracey Beagarie,


See a list of current charities and their awareness bracelets