Our Holiday Shipping Schedule


Here’s how to solve all your last-minute Christmas gift dilemmas:


(1) ORDER:  Shop from the SHIPS TODAY section of the website.
**If you are interested in an item not currently listed under SHIPS TODAY, please call for availability- We'd love to help.**

(2) SHIP: 

  • If ordering before 1 PM (Central) on Friday, December 19: Use regular Priority Mail shipping for delivery by Christmas Eve.
  • If ordering before 1 PM (Central) on Monday, December 22: Requires Priority Mail Express shipping for Christmas Eve delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Order items from the "SHIPS TODAY" category! 




Alexandra Rueve
Alexandra Rueve


Alex graduated with her marketing degree from Quinlan School of Business. She loves strategy at and away from work. Outside of the bead world, she is usually playing pool. "I think strategy is as critical to marketing as it is to playing pool. You must have strategy to win the game, and always be planning your next shots while lining up."

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